Ever wondered what it is all about with “Wassching”?

Talking to clients, partners and industry fellows alike often leads to that one particular moment when this recurring question is dropped on us:

“What does Wassching actually mean? Does it stand for something?”

Good questions! And we have an enlightening answer to that!

Wassching is rooted in the Dutch proverb “Wij zullen dat varken wel even wasschen“, which translates to “We will wash that pig for you”.

This is a very interesting phrase with a rich history. Originating from the 16th century, it is steeped in the Netherlands cultural and societal context of its time.

In the 16th century, and even in times before that, pigs were commonly kept animals in many households, especially in rural areas. Washing a pig was not a simple task due to the nature of pigs; they often roll in mud and aren’t particularly cooperative during cleaning. Therefore, the act of washing a pig was seen as a challenging, demanding task.

When someone uses this phrase, they imply they are ready and capable of handling a difficult or messy situation. It’s akin to saying, “Leave the tough job to us; we can handle it.” The phrase conveys a sense of confidence and assurance in dealing with complex or challenging tasks, much like the confidence and skill required to wash an uncooperative pig.

Over time, the phrase has retained its figurative meaning, often used to reassure someone that a problem or difficult task will be taken care of, despite the challenges it may present. It’s a vivid expression of dutifulness and competence, reflecting a no-nonsense approach to tackling problems head-on, much as one would approach the arduous task of washing a pig in times past.

Additionally, it serves as a means to maintain a touch of our Dutch roots within our brand identity, given our home base is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What is the tough job that we can help your business with?

We´d love to roll up our sleeves for your business transformation challenges, streamline your processes and get you all set for Operational Excellence.

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