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Process Mining

Unlock your organization´s full potentials through Process Mining, revealing business processes and data-driven insights that propel your operations forward.

Process Engineering

Elevate your productivity and efficiency with Process Engineering, where we examine, rationalize and fine-tune your business processes towards Operational Excellence.

Experience Engineering

Transform your user and customer interactions into captivating experiences, blending design, psychology, technology, and business strategy to create functional, efficient, and emotionally impactful experiences.

Innovation Consulting

Partner with us for visionary strategies and expert insights. We'll help you navigate complex challenges and harness opportunities for dynamic growth in your business.

Wassching working principles

Heading towards sustainable Process Excellence.

Wassching specializes in crafting tailored and innovative technical solutions, guiding you through the Digital Transformation challenges and towards Excellence in Operations and Processes. To reach that, we utilize state-of-the-art techniques and applications that merge productive value-creation processes with the latest in Business Process Management information technology. Our expertise lies in designing innovative, sustainable solutions that align with your strategic goals and support your business processes and structures to the fullest.


We are consistently innovative, remaining at the forefront of technological possibilities and adapting to the ever-changing demands of the dynamic business world.


We operate with agility, speed, and independence, allowing us to swiftly adapt to changes and deliver results with efficiency and autonomy in a rapidly evolving environment.


We focus intently on being goal-oriented and solution-driven, consistently aligning our strategies and actions towards achieving targeted outcomes and providing effective solutions.