Wassching is on the move!

Hey there!

We’ve got some fantastic news to share with you all! Wassching is about to step into a new era with the launch of our brand-new website.

It’s been a journey full of dedication and hard work for our team over the past few months. While we’ve been deeply engaged in assisting our clients with their Digital Transformation journeys, behind the scenes, we’ve been busy bees!

From refining our brand, fine-tuning our methodologies, enhancing our services, and redefining our values and goals: It’s been a period of significant growth and learning for us, also through newly formed partnerships with some amazing organizations that share our vision and ethos.

Besides all that, we have been working to reflect the outcomes of these efforts in our new Digital Home. And we’re excited to finally be able to invite you over:


Here, you’ll get an exclusive peek into the world of Wassching, discover our innovative solutions, and meet our fantastic team that makes it all happen.

We hope that you like it and encourage you to explore our brand-new online headquarters.

But wait, there’s more! Over the course of the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out more resources and features on our website. And, of course, we’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop with all the latest updates.

Stay tuned for more, and see you soon at Wassching!

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